Omnitek Partners, LLC, specializes in the development of advanced technology and products. Since 2000, Omnitek Partners has been devoted to solving problems for clients within the military, medical, and commercial marketplaces. Our outstanding history of developing innovative technologies and products is underscored by our ranking of #21 on the Aerospace & Defense Patent Scorecard. As further proof of our ongoing commitment to quality, we are ISO 9001 certified

Military, Medical, and Commercial Solutions

At Omnitek Partners, we work very closely with our customers during all phases of product development projects, including research and development, solution concept development, prototyping, testing, and production of in-house designed products.

  • Our military division performs research and development, and develops products under various government contracts in a variety of technical areas
  • Our medical division develops health care devices for both commercial and military applications
  • Our commercial division develops commercial applications of military technologies as well as original commercial technology including tools, sports safety, children safety and electronics

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss products and potential solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

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